Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus: Putting “heal” in healthy!

john Miller
John R, Miller
Vice President, Science and Technology

Healing is a natural and often overlooked part of being healthy. We all assume that if we get injured we will heal. For the vast majority of us that’s exactly what happens, and without any real thought on our part. But healing and being fully healed is not necessarily the same thing. Today we know that large numbers of us live in a “nowhere zone”, never really being fully healed. Why that is so and what it means to our health is at the center of scientific investigation that holds great promise for an even healthier future for all of us…and GNLD is right there.


Decades of medical investigation has shown us that there is much more to healing than just closing a wound or mending a broken bone. Healing is also a natural and vital part of our immune function that goes on 24/7 for our entire lives. In addition to its more obvious activities, healing is involved in cleaning up the damage and debris associated with the body’s constant renewal, repair and replacement of cells. (We replace the majority of our body’s +/- 75 trillion cells every 7 years. That’s about 10 trillion cells per year or a bit more than 25 billion cells each day.) Every bump, break, bang and jolt to the body, no matter how minor, creates some damage and requires some healing. How well all of this happens has a direct bearing on our health, vitality and longevity.


Today’s science tells us that being as healthy as possible means that we have to be as “healed” as possible. The two ideas are so directly related that you can’t have one without the other. Investigating how healing happens has become one of the most exciting new frontiers of health science. Not surprisingly there is a direct connection between what you eat and how “healed” you can be.


As always GNLD is at the forefront of new understanding when it comes to nutrition and health. At a recent major scientific event, evidence from new research that used our Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus showed the powerful healing potential of this product and the nutrients it contains. Resulting from the analysis of blood samples obtained in a human clinical trial, investigators showed that Salmon Oil Plus supported the body’s natural immune function and at the same time promoted healing!


You can read more about this study, the relationship of omega-3 fatty acids to healing and the benefits shown for Salmon Oil Plus in the attached article co-written by SAB member Dr. Arianna Carughi and Dr. Karsten Gronert, one of the world’s leading omega-3 researchers.


This is exciting and powerful new information about being as healthy as possible. It is an even more exciting and powerful demonstration of the benefits of our Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus.





Ph.D., C.N.S.,
Nutrition Scientist,
Stanford Fellow,
M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Solon M. &
Pearl A. Braff Chair in
Clinical Optometric Science
Ocular Inflammation,
Vision Science Program
School of Optometry
University of California, Berkeley




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