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arrowDiet And Lifestyle Are Critically Important To Health And Longevity (News You Can Use vol. 31 - English) (Español)
arrowThe Latest in Women’s Health and Nutrition (News You Can Use vol. 30 - English) (Español)
arrowMetabolic Syndrome: One Health Challenge That's Actually The Accumulation of Several Separate Risk Factors (News You Can Use vol. 29 - English) (Español)

arrowGet Active: Better Performance Through Better Nutrition (News You Can Use vol. 28 - English) (Español)
arrowOptimizing Health Through Nutrition in Every Stage of Life (News You Can Use vol. 27 - English) (Español)
arrowCALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, AND VITAMIN D — Lifelong Bone Health… and Much More (News You Can Use vol. 26 - English)

arrowChildren’s Nutrition: A Foundation For A Lifetime Of Health (News You Can Use Extended vol. 25
arrowDiet & Health — When Ancient Wisdom Joins Modern Science (News You Can Use Extended vol. 24
arrowProbiotics — New Respect For An Old Solution (News You Can Use Extended vol. 23) — Spring 2009

arrowPro Vitality Nutrition: The Evidence Continues to Build (News You Can Use Extended vol. 22) — Spring 2008
arrowOmega-III Salmon Oil PlusTM: Human Clinical Trials Display the Amazing Powers of this Leading Edge Product! (News You Can Use Special Edition vol. 21) — Spring 2008

Three New Omega-3 Studies Show Omega-3 Fatty Acid Protect Against Age-Related Mental Decline (News You Can Use Extended vol. 20) — Winter 2007
Whole Food Nutrition Research Continues to highlight benefits of abundance and risks of deficiency of "Bio-Essential" Nutrients (News You Can Use Extended vol. 19) — Fall 2007
Consumers are still not getting the message about the importance of whole grain! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 18) —Summer 2007
Bad Diet = Bad Health!- Research continues to support GNLD position. (News You Can Use Extended vol. 17) — Spring 2007

Fruits,Vegetables and their Phytonutrients take the world stage in the fight against chronic disease. (News You Can Use Extended vol. 16) — Winter 2006
Omega-3 Fatty Acids: New studies show greater powers while reaffirming what we already knew. (News You Can Use Extended vol. 15) — Fall 2006
Whole Grain Evidence Continues to Pile Up! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 14) — Summer 2006
Declining Nutritional Value in Fruits & Vegetables (News You Can Use Extended vol. 13) — Spring 2006
Cruciferous Vegetables: Studies Confirm Anti-Cancer Connection (News You Can Use Extended vol. 12) — Winter 2006

Studies Confirm Effectiveness of Glucosamine (News You Can Use Extended vol. 11) — Fall 2005
Welcome to Bone & Joint Decade (News You Can Use Extended vol. 10) — Summer 2005
It All Starts With Your Cells! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 9) — Spring 2005
Calcium: Critical for Woman of all Ages! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 8) — Winter 2005
D Party: Vitamin D Gets Its Day In The Sun— Summer 2005
Prostate Cancer—New Research Fortifies GNLD Philosophy — Spring 2005
The Real Truth About Vitamin E— Winter 2005

Heart Smart Reasons to Keep the Weight Off! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 7) — Fall 2004
Childhood Obesity—Time to Take Action! — Fall 2004
Supplements For Athletes—The Extra Step! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 6) — Summer 2004
Scientists Push To Increase Whole Grains In Diet! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 5) — Spring 2004
Dr. Dean Ornish Questions Atkins, Recommends Whole Grains — Summer 2004
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Continue to Generate Exciting Research! — Spring 2004
The Diabetes Epidemic: Bad Today, Worse Tomorrow! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 4) – Winter 2004
Latest Vitamin C research may help smokers! – Winter 2004
Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Even better than we thought! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 3) – Fall 2004

Overfed & undernourished! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 2) – Summer 2003
Start the school day right with a "smart" breakfast! – Oct 2003
Men, eat 9 a day! – Jul/Aug/Sep 2003
Men's health at risk! (News You Can Use Extended vol. 1) – Spring 2003
Women's health risks – May/Jun 2003
America's #1 threats – Mar/Apr 2003
JAMA recommends multi-vitamins for all adults! – Jan/Feb 2003

Soy: More than just a food fad – Nov/Dec 2002
Reel in heart health – Sep/Oct 2002
Want better health? Improve your digestion! – Jul/Aug 2002
What's happening to the scale? – May/Jun 2002
See into the future – Mar/Apr 2002
Introducing new revolutionary Carotenoid Complex! – Jan/Feb 2002

GNLD Supplements: Nothin' to sneeze at! – Nov/Dec 2001
Diagnosis Diabetes: Are you at risk? – Sep/Oct 2001
How healthy is your child's diet? – Aug 2001
Summer may be hazardous to your health! – Jul 2001
GNLD teaches about disease prevention through nutrition – Jun 2001
Nutrition: Nothing to sneeze at – May 2001
Science can save your face – Apr 2001
Obesity: A global threat to health – Mar 2001
New hope for aches and pains – Jan 2001