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The examples given in this Guide are not guarantees of what a distributor will earn. Individual earnings of GNLD distributors depend upon their efforts, the areas in which they live, and the time and effort they dedicate to their enterprises.

Products: This Guide is intended for the exclusive reference of GNLD distributors.
GNLD nutritional products, personal care products, and home care products are manufactured to superior quality standards, ensuring that they are "simply the best!" This Guide displays valuable product information and suggested use recommendations of these fine products.

The goal of nutritional supplementation is to help keep the body healthy and thriving. Achieving optimal health means that the body may be better able to prevent disease. However, if a medical condition develops, or is suspected, a physician should be consulted. Nutritional supplements cannot be prescribed by a distributor to treat disease. Although GNLD products offer enormous wellness benefits for many people, GNLD does not make any medical claims for its products. GNLD products do not 'cure', they help give the body the nutrition it needs to take care of itself. GNLD products should not be used as a substitute for doctor-prescribed medication.

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