A Fresh Start - LDC Gives Seabirds New Life! Albatross "Tristan"
Cape Garnet


Major oil spills and chronic oil pollution often results in thousands of seabirds drenched by life-threatening oil. In addition to its toxicity, oil affects a bird's natural waterproofing abilities by causing the feathers to clump together. This can lead to hypothermia, a loss of buoyancy, and the inability to hunt, thus eventually resulting in death.


GNLD proudly contributes to the efforts of saving thousands of these birds through the use of LDC. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) is the leader in the field of seabird rehabilitation and has rehabilitated close to 90,000 seabirds throughout Africa.

SANCCOB CEO Venessa Strauss states: "For over 10 years, SANCCOB has included LDC as an essential item in our rescue kits to save seabirds all over southern Africa." She continues, "We trust GNLD's LDC implicitly to remove oil from contaminated coastal birds. We know nothing harmful goes into LDC, making it the ideal mild cleaner for our fragile feathered friends. It's gentle on bird's delicate feathers and reduces washing time dramatically, resulting in a quicker recovery time for the birds."

Previously used on penguins, Strauss explains that LDC has an increased role. "SANCCOB also uses LDC on flying seabirds including gulls, terns, garnets, and even albatrosses. Washing oiled birds with LDC is an important part in the process which enables the majority of these birds to recover fully and to return to the ocean again."

GNLD has a rich tradition of impacting lives from all over the world - on land, in the air, and at sea.

News Flash

14-10-2011 - Winds now westerly and swells moderating. Less oil on beaches. 1000 volunteers working. 88 Containers have fallen in the sea & some appearing on beaches.

13-10-2011 - High NE winds and swells are preventing attempts to pump oil from the fuel tanks. Vessel on 18 List. Dead, oil-soaked sea birds on beaches. Volunteers being trained to remove oil-sludge safely.

12-10-2011 - New Zealand is in the midst of its own environmental disaster with the recent stranding of the "Rena" off the coast of Tauranga. GNLD has already donated cases of LDC to local Wildlife Authorities to assist in the clean up of affected wildlife.