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WORKING TOGETHERóMaking A Difference!

“We Are GNLD—We Are People Empowering People.” Every member of the worldwide GNLD family hears—and acts on—these words every day. And while many think first of life-changing products and an unmatched financial opportunity, these words from Founder Jerry Brassfield have always meant much more.

GNLD has a rich history of involvement with organizations that help others, especially those focused on the needs of children. From local programs to international commitments, we take pride in selecting charitable organizations whose works represent the same values for which we stand: empowering others to achieve better health and personal development.


GNLD Joins Kids Of Kilimanjaro To Change Young Lives

Founded by California businessman George Namkung, Kids Of Kilimanjaro is a not-for-profit school lunch program that provides daily hot meals to thousands of children in Tanzania. An organization with such a strong focus on children’s health through better nutrition is obviously in sync with GNLD’s core values. So it’s no surprise that when GNLD Founder Jerry Brassfield became aware of this powerful program, he took decisive action. We are proud to join forces with George and his organization to assist these children,” he says. “As leaders in the nutrition industry, it is our honor—and our responsibility—to participate in this manner.” With GNLD’s new support, Kids Of Kilimanjaro has already added nearly 2,000 more students a day to the program—with a commitment to bring 6,000 more children into the program by the end of 2011! Namkung notes, “GNLD is in a class of its own.”

The children who have been part of the Kids Of Kilimanjaro program since its inception five years ago are thriving, and the children who are new to their daily hot lunch routine are already benefitting dramatically. Their immune systems are stronger and they are better able to concentrate on their studies. On a recent trip to Tanzania, GNLD President and CEO Roget Uys witnessed the inspiring work of Kids Of Kilimanjaro firsthand. “Through this amazing program, the educational dreams of these children can finally become reality,” he explains. “They are beautiful and bright children who now have hope—and that gives us all hope for an even better future.”